DESRIVAGES - Surftrip aboard The Chanchita Bus

02/13/2018back X
Check out the new Manu Fombeurre’s Chanchita bus adventure on the roads of Patagonia.
Antoine Delpero embarked aboard Manu Fombeurre’s Chanchita bus for a journey on the roads of Patagonia. Discover the footage of their surf trip. The Chanchita bus is an old 1966 Mercedes school bus. Surfer Antoine Delpero embarked aboard this nomad home for a sumptuous trip at the heart of Patagonia. Lead by professional skier M anu Fombeurre – who has dedicated the past years to this journey – the team drove across the volcanic landscapes of Argentina, towards the Chilean Pacific Coast.

Discover the footage of this adventure, shot by Timothée Huguet : DESRIVAGES sur Vimeo