Choisir sa paire de solaires

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In this beginning of summer, Mundaka proposes you this article in order to learn you a little bit more about our products so that you can find the most adapted product for you in our collection.

Our different raw materials :

Grilamid T90 is the material of choice for high-end optical products. It is a transparent polyamide thermoplastic. Light, resistant, flexible and comfortable, it is the ideal material for extreme sports. Discover our models : CLARK, FAME, AI1, GLADIATOR, YUKON, FOIL, CHINOOK, DRAKAR, HARPER, FUEL, RAVEN, ROCCA, ELECTRA, ALLION, BLOODY, POZZ’, DUDE and LEELA.

Cellulose Acetate is a revolutionary material made of 90% cotton and 10% plastic. Hypoallergenic, light and resistant, it offers many aesthetic possibilities. Succumb to our models : SHAN, KOSMO, KLIPPER, FUEL and KALIGO.

Stainless steel is a material with a high resistance to corrosion. Light, strong and hypoallergenic, this material offers great comfort. Choose WILD, HAMPTON, IRIS, STACK, DITA, OLIVE, ALAMO, BIANKA, KRAST or TRIBEKA.

Our lenses and their tints:

The primary function of sunglasses remains the protection of your eyes. Indeed, solar radiation can be very harmful to the retina. The darker the glass, the higher the protection. All our Mundaka Optic glasses are polarized (category 3) and certified CE norm. They absorb 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC light and protect from the sun's radiation.

Find our types of lenses :

-CX POLARIZED: high-end polycarbonate lenses offer incredible polarization and protection (YUKON and GLADIATOR models)
-IC POLARIZED : internal treatment of the lens to ensure an unequalled longevity (DRAKAR model)
-NX POLARIZED : polyamide lenses offer maximum optical quality and maximum compatibility with Grilamid TR90 (CHINOOK model)

Regarding the tints:

-The browned ones improve the contrasts and allow a better vision.
-The greyed ones bring out the natural colors and protect the eyes in case of strong luminosity.
-Green tints bring out the colors and limit visual fatigue.
-The mirror effect reduces light transmission.

Which shape for which style ?

For a chic look, choose a round frame (OLIVE, ENDLESS, KARST, TRIBEKA, ROCCA)
For a classic look, choose a thin frame (OLIVE, DITA, STACK, ALAMO, TRIBEKA, HAMPTON, IRIS, BIANKA)
Looking for a bold look? Choose a thick frame (CLARK, KOSMO, HARPER, KALIGO, AI1)
The "butterfly" frame is a must for retro style (SHAN

Assert your style and express your personality through your sunglasses !