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Mundaka optic is reinventing its high-end CX POLARIZED lenses.

Mundaka optic is reinventing its high-end CX POLARIZED lenses. These offer incredible polarization and protection. They have improved contrast and sharpness for very comfortable vision. Two new models benefiting from polarized CX lenses, with sporty features and lifestyles, they are available now.

Mundaka polarized lenses are designed to reduce the intense glare that is caused by the sunlight reflecting off snow and water. This filtering process eliminates 99% of the reflected glare and improves visual performance by increasing visual acuity and color contrast. These lenses are lightweight and impact resistant.

Polycarbonate lenses are perfectly adapted to the practice of sports activities in extreme conditions to use. These lenses offer the greatest visual protection; providing excellent visual performance, they will not crack or shatter when impacted, they’re extremely impact resistant, lightweight and include a scratch resistant coating. Polycarbonate lenses are available in a variety of lens tints. They are our benchmark for all activities highly exposed to the sun's reflections and UV rays, such as water sports, the mountains or snow.

All glasses will protect you 100% from UV from the sun.