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Discover its advantages!
This noble material draws its resources from a biosourced vegetable fiber. It is used in the manufacture of high quality sunglasses. These frames are made by hand.

What is the difference between Cellulose Acetate and Bioacetate?
CELLULOSE AETATE is a natural polymer extracted usually from cotton. To bind these polymer extracts, binders are used to compact the whole.
BIOACETATE is a compound of wood fiber or cotton fiber and organic binder. The coloring is also organic or vegetable.
Bioacetate is the ecological version of cellulose acetate. Thanks to the natural polymer binder, bioacetate is a non-toxic and non-polluting material.

-Gives a natural feel on the skin

-Hypoallergenic (ideal for sensitive skin)

-Gives an elegant shine

-Strong and durable

-Stains are easy to remove

-Great comfort assured

-Intense colors

-Unmatched purity