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  • Our webdesigner @lucmoot sent us some updates of his surftrip in Salvador 🤙
  • Hyped for summer 🍹📷 @antonyoctavia
  • Here is the new Crystal Coffee LUA. 👉 Our new grilamid frame offers the perfect balance between weight and solidity without compromise on style.#grilamid #sunglasses #mundakaoptic
  • Straight from Bali, @xabi_eyheramendy schooling us on how to rock the new GRANITEs.
  • It looked like a Christmas day for @ladeuge #insideman📸 @migdapalma
  • The KHARDUNG is one of our 3 new frames. It will give you an iconic style 😎
  • With its rounded and sophisticated shape, the LUAs will tap into your elegant side.📸 @antonyoctavia #sunglasseslover #sunglasses #sunglassesfashion
  • 2022 collection just dropped ! easy way to have an awesome Xmas gift idea 🎅#sunglasseslover📸@antonyoctavia