Nouvelle collection
6 nouveaux modèles pour Noël !
  • Winter Sales ! 20% off on all our models with the promo code : WINTER2021
  • Adopt a retro-vintage style with the SHAN.
  • My indispensable items for this year :Sun & YUKON 😎
  • @inpowwetrust shredding hard in the new year !📸 @jugifilms
  • The WILD mixes noble materials like leather, steel and stainless acetate in one durable frame. This is the model you can challenge in any circumstance.
  • The FOIL and his polarized lenses are still available online.📸 @damea_dorsey
  • Introducing the new AI1 frames.Make a statement with this 80s style.
  • The Xmas collection just dropped !Here is the new stylish HAMPTON design.📸 @repofoto